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          The 10th China International Health Expo press conference was held

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          Beijing autumn, beautiful and moving, in the autumn harvest season, China's most authoritative health care industry Expo event glory opened. September 9, 2010 to 11, the 10th China International Health Expo 2010 China (Beijing) Health Festival will bring thousand kinds of health food, health supplies and services products debut in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center, 13,000 square meters display size, 8 large exhibition colorful show, China international health Expo will become the capital of the realm of health of another exhibition event.

          Press conference was held

          Beautiful Olympic city of Beijing, very dynamic new Agricultural Exhibition Hall, the exposition gives more stylish atmosphere, along with the theme of healthy living expo visitors every look back and stare, will deeply appreciate industry the unique charm of the stage show. Quality Products dizzying, lively and innovative booth design people stop linger, bustling audience, whether it is to gather information, or to discuss cooperation, or call an old friend, will be at the fair with professional and thoughtful service to obtain feel at home.

          Fair founded by the China Health Care Association, after years of exploration and efforts, has won wide recognition in the market, attract the majority of health care products, as well as the active participation of enterprises dealers, agents, but also for the growth of the health industry exhibition scale, show one of the highest degree of specialization. 2008 RSE Health Care Association and China signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build China's health care industry's well-known brand exhibition, and became one of the organizers of the fair. RSE their professional services and ideas for the Expo has injected new vitality. The fair-cum-care support section was approved by the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Commerce, nearly more than 400 standard booths, more than 300 exhibitors, the exhibition covers the three major industries of health food, health supplies, health services and other related field. Special equipment exhibition gathered, said Austrian, perfect, Angel Yeast and other famous enterprises; health food and supplies exhibition pavilions, health product range, tens of thousands of professional buyers and end consumers brought together a comprehensive coverage of all areas of the industry chain. Health Festival, held over the same period more perfect interpretation of the Expo "trade authority and public cooperative brand building platform" value proposition.

           Sub-sector health-care industry to build a lead Phoenix Nest

          In the 13,000 square meters of exposition display lineup, the eight major exhibition fully demonstrates the health care industry the most representative products and research results. The "functional water Pavilion", "Family Rehabilitation Pavilion", "functional textiles exhibition" and "Integrated Products Pavilion" constitute health products area to overturn the people's hearts, "Health equals health food," the traditional concept, as a has an annual output value of 80 billion emerging industry, health supplies area will bring more than 100 exhibitors collective appearance.

          Health products market diversification and differentiation also invite professional buyers expo put forward higher requirements. In order to better reflect the comprehensive concept of fair trade platform, the organizers will expand from the buyer group in the traditional sense of the channel to include franchisees, pharmacy buyers, chain buyers and end consumers including integrated purchasing groups through new marketing model to help in the areas of health and food supplies exhibitors Distribution solve problems. At the same time, "the first Chinese cosmeceuticals and health care products Development Forum and the first national chain drugstore procurement will negotiate," the convening of a grand, will attract more than 300 participants of Chain Drug Stores, health care products and new business opportunities conspiracy industrial enterprises after health care reform for the health care industry trade cooperation to build a true sense of the cited phoenix nest.

          Gathered together to maintain the credibility of the brand industry environment

          Small environmental changes the environment. Fair always seeking to drive benign changes in the industry environment by purifying a small exhibition environment. Industry credibility brand assessment activities undertaken by China Health Care Association has been successfully carried out three. Credibility as a national symbol, national civilization and progress in the health care industry promotion is imperative. In order to consistently provide consumers with quality products and services, improve product quality and service levels, and maintain the industry's reputation and the interests of consumers, the 10th China International Health Expo site will be the credibility of the ad hoc exhibition. Then won the title of the credibility of enterprises gathered tens of thousands face the media and consumers solemn promise: to actively promote corporate staff stresses integrity, excellent product quality, excellent service, advertising battle reliable, clear effect, the active participation of the social credit system construction and corporate credit evaluation, to enhance the "credibility" value, reduce operating costs, for the realization of scientific development and building a harmonious society and promoting sound and rapid development of new efforts.

           In order to prevent fish and shoddy products, the fair organizers for exhibitors a strict qualification examination, "health permit", "tax registration certificates", "corporate identity" and "business license" a photo of three cards become a corporate exhibitors basic conditions. While resident office pharmaceutical sector, intellectual property rights and other departments will be the vital interests of exhibitors and buyers to provide more effective protection.

          Peer Health Festival and the terminal building public arena

          As an extension of the Expo 2010 China (Beijing) Health Festival will be held with the 10th China International Health Expo with the same period. With respect to the health fair reflects the strong business atmosphere, health section covers many health experience for public participation activities. Experts from the Chinese Medical Association science branch of science gallery will be built in the health section of the site, the interpretation of health, health knowledge from 34 different disciplines. Digital Beijing Armed Police General Hospital, chief physician of the clinic activities will be carried out in the health section of the site, for free medical and disease prevention education for the middle-aged audience. Olympus, Furama Germany and other well-known companies will participate, jointly run media each health health lectures and other activities, entertaining. As co Health Festival, the Beijing community health management center is expected to organize ten thousand community residents to participate in the activities of the health section, for the public to understand health information platform for enterprises to build brand-building public arena.

          Forum Topic rich academic and commercial parallel

          In the development of the Expo, the China Health Care Association as an exhibition organizer and founder of the unit, to keep a strong academic atmosphere into the mainstream of the business climate for the Expo. For an always at the cusp of the industry, government and associations to participate in the enterprise seems undoubtedly a shot in the arm, academic and commercial parallel model is also gradually become integrated service platform Expo reflects a major feature.

          In the same period of the exposition, the China Health Care Association will join the leadership of the Ministry of Health departments, the State Food and Drug Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology and other discussions on health products raw materials and new resources of food and other issues, from the production source to solve health product quality problems, reshape the image of the industry. The "Fifth China-Japan Health Food Information Exchange," the two countries will be held at the same health food manufacturers to provide the latest policy direction for bilateral cooperation in new product development, market development, OEM cooperation, in areas such as market consulting offers platform.

          Ten years of hard work planting healthy future

          "Ten years counterparts, sowing health" is the 10th China International Health Fair (Health Section) theme. "10" this number has a special meaning in people's minds, it is both the front bearing, but also after the start. Fair decade stimulating domestic demand for health products business of industrial enterprises, expanding the social influence of exhibitors and effectively purify the industry environment. More importantly, the fair for the marketing model cohabitation care industry provides a new marketing channels. Decade of sword, China International Health Fair in the new decade will continue to serve the industry, to help companies achieve new breakthroughs and development in the future, for the cause of health tireless work, sowing the future.

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